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Group headquarters
Shenyang Yunken Animal Husbandry (Group) Co., Ltd.,
No. 4, Bailing Road, Dagou Street, Sujiatun District, Shenyang City
Phone: 024-89166999
Welcome to call and deign to inquire, eager to communicate with you sincerely, for your service!

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Cooperative breeding
Contact information
Name: Yao Yantao
contact number:13841047658
Recruitment area
Around Shenyang, Liaoyang, Anshan and Yingkou;
Around Changchun, Jilin;
Meihekou and Liuhe surrounding areas;
Group policy
Market-based prices sell young chickens and materials on credit, and recover chickens at an insured price.
Provide some financial guarantees for market construction.
If the farm cannot be managed on its own, the group may negotiate a trusteeship.
Investment in breeding
As you who want to invest in aquaculture projects, you may be troubled by insufficient funds, ignorance of aquaculture, drastic market changes and other issues. Yunken Group will escort you with one-stop service and a worry-free future.